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MY HOBBIES, I mean… what I "try" to do in my free time  ( 10 % of my TRIPS )

DESERTS adventure trips

Sahara, Algeria, Maroc, Libya-Akakus,Tunisia, Egypt,  Senegal, Casamanche, Mauritania, Gambia, Israel-Negev, Kenya-Chalbi, Niger ( Air & Tenerč), Jordan-Wadi Rum, etc…etc…

la Corbeille di Nefta:

" la derniere biere avant le Sahara, la premiere biere apres le desert !"

 Desert Algerienne, 1977, me and my wife on the road to TAMARASSET, Moto Guzzi 850 GT, Maroc, and modern Algier 2012



                                                                                       Me on Senegal river

my old dear friend Riccardo


                                                      NIGER  ( AIR  and TENERE’ )    Jan. 2006

                                                                      Jordan- Wadi Rum desert ( Lawrence of Arabia ): “The seven pillars of the wisdom”



 and PETRA……

 and more .

Dead Sea ……and me alife …..                                        The first ancient Palestinian map

SAFARI adventure trips: Kenya ( Rift valley, all parks and Turkana lake through Chalbi desert), Tanzania ( Gorongoro crater etc..)












and the Kenya sea ……..

  Robinson isl


Kenya dog on Diani beach   and Kenya girl

 my cottage at Lat. 4° South ( Equator ) on the Indian Ocean and …. the long white coral beach and my staff Athumani & Sahidi



Cene a casa mia

The Ascari e my driver Charles  .  The  fisherman , everday, fresh fish


Rose and my friend Luigi                                                    Saum and my staff                                    School in Funzi isle                             Rose  at Funzi


                                                                 Funzi isle and the sands …..arriving by boat with all the children

 a wonderful  fishing hunting


NEXT TRIP…..NEXT DREAM :   Victoria lake in Kenya



NEWS from CHINA: my new experience


DAFEN, a village in South China where all the famous pictures are copied.  See below an example of “ compatible” at low cost.

And more in China 2008, the factory in DongGuan with my partner Nick Chang ( but he is a Singapore guy), Floyd the Engineer,  and more….

Suzhou, the Chinese Venice, with 6000 bridges and the channels, and Shanghai, the Giada Buddha and more Buddha

  Mao Tse Dong , Xian, Tienammen, Great Wall

The forbidden City  and the modern China

  China food  ( scorpion, cockroach)

Chengdou  -  Panda                                                     Chengdou exhibition                                             and    Uaxi dinner

From INDIA-BANGALORE  : Me and Sister Nancy Pereira


  and  Iran       

Moscow: Red Plaza and St. Basilio cathedral

                        O      Brasil !!!!!!!


Tango, Tango, Tango, only Tango in Argentina and my parents

 My cousins, and my first uncle Leonardo migrated to Argentina , and CAMINITO  district  and so on



SAIL,SAIL, SAIL Sardinia isles and Maddalena archipelago : the best sea in the world !

 25 years ago, on rough sea , with my old boat Ranger 28


“Ancient Sailboat Meeting” Imperia 2006: Dennis Conner , America Cup champion , a myth, there with his boat “Cotton Blossom” and .me and Arturo



PEN -DUIK, the first Tabarly ‘s boat , another my myth                                      and my  boat “Ivan Schedir “  … my neverending love               Here in 2010

 2012 Me and Ivan



Seesight on Bonifacio and Maddalena isles ( North Sardinia) and Finale Ligure by night


                               NEXT TRIP….NEXT DREAM…:  Beagle channel and Horn

and more…..( miscellaneous)


my dog Artur, me and Ivan


  Sardinia North… a dream

Ivan….. yes, here he is !!

My dog Arturo 9 th

 Ivan and my old Suzuki


me , on my last combat in 1974 Karate Italian Championship and ..once upon a time.. Ivan, 5 years old, on my old MOTO GUZZI dated 1949, and today Ivan 24 y.o.,  graduate in Turin on July 19th, 2005, with me, mamie and Artur. …. and my first FIAT  500

With my horse and my cow boy friends 1974              Ivan & Federica, just married Sept 2009 and now                       my ant Giulia 93th

1964 Me, mummy  and daddy  and FIAT 600    My Vespa at 18th       Me, Roberto and Renato in Stockolm 1971with Fiat 500 ad A112           and my daddy Antonio

And hereunder…… my marriage and the marriage trip in Greece islands on 1976

My marriage on Moto, with Fredo priest ( the same who married Ivan), me and mamie  at the time and now

 1974 my great love, ready for adventure ……. and after 30 years again riding…. Moto Guzzi 850 GT                                and old Guzzi Falcone with sidecar 1949

1974 Belen tower-Lisboa 1975, moto meeting Bardonecchia, Just married in Santorino-Greece 1976

  House boat on the French channels 1985 NORTH CAPE and midnight sun 2001


Anyway my old origins are  in this old ( Middle Ages ) town, south of Italy, Calopezzati




I LOVE TO SKI my mountains….


With my son Ivan


But I'm also …Free :. Mason 3 www.granloggia.it


About my JOB !!!! ??? Yes ! I have to work, of course !!

Visit the webs of my companies 1 & 2

 2010-2011      Medica booth   

  New PROGETTI facilities 2012

Awarded bi Industrial API confederation


And don’t forget …..

you are welcome !!


                     I HAVE A DREAM ……ALWAYS  …. :  MY NEXT TRIP  and after me, only my website will remain …….

 Some info’s  for you ( mainly for my Italian friends).

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